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Sterling Physiotherapy - "be well. do well"

Kelvin Leung achieved one of his dreams of working in professional football in England. After his time in the UK, he moved back to Australia with a new goal in mind: how to provide the same level of high-quality care for the general public? Read Kelvin’s story as a founder of anew clinic and how Sterling Physiotherapy came alive.

Student interview: 4 quick questions with a recent Sport and Exercise Therapy Graduate Beeshesh Gurung

Physitrack has an academic affiliation partnerships with over 50 universities and research institutions worldwide. In this story we feature a recent graduate: Beeshesh Gurung who finished his studies this spring and is now pursuing his career as a sports and exercise therapist. Read the interview below and find out about Beeshesh's plans, how he used Physitrack in his studies and what kind of greetings he sends to the Physitrack community.

On a mission to make care accessible for everyone

Read this story with a clinic owner and a sports therapist, Marcus Slade, and learn why he is on a mission to make care accessible for everyone. Learn valuable tips about healthcare and his favorite thing about Physitrack.

From Paralympics to university lecturing - how to combine different environments as a practitioner

Physitrack virtual visited Surakarta, Indonesia, and spoke with Suryo Saputra Perdana, a practitioner who combines two completely different occupations as a health care professional.

Why would creating exercise programs be key as a practitioner?

Physitrack recently had a conversation with Joris Botman, co-owner of MMfysio and an active Physitrack user since 2017. Read below why creating exercise programs is key as a practitioner?

Movement Clinic to enable movement for a greater purpose

The Movement Clinic is always looking at ways to improve their patient's recovery. With Physitrack, they took a step closer to helping patients achieve better well-being and movement.


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